Prof. (Dr.)Prasanna Kumar Das

       It is my immense pleasure to express that we have made our own web site. Till to day we were projecting our activities on the odisha govt portal. Now we can upload informations for viewing of all concerned in a better & quicker way. Much effort has been given to compile datas. It is still under the process of upgradation. Soon we will be able to complete it and any information left will be updated. I am very much thankful to Dr. Umakant Satapathy, Associate Professor Physiology and Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo, Manager, Clinical Establishment, for their untiring work to make this piece of work a success.I am thankful to staff of NIC for takimg effort in hosting our site. I am also thankful to all my staffs for their warm cooperation in making our own web site.

Prof. (Dr.)Prasanna Kumar Das,
Ex. DMET, Odisha.
Smt Anu Garg,

       It is my privilege to express my pleasure that the Directorate of Medical Education & Training, have made their own web site with domain name of . It shows their interest, involvement, dynamicity and efficiency in over all work. I am overwhelmed to see that the web site nearly contains all important information of public as well as official interest. The different links for citizen and other offices/institutions are great works. This web site will be truly beneficial to public, medical & paramedical students, faculties of institutions and all concerned. I am thankful to Prof. Prasanna Kumar Das, Director, Medical Education & Training, Odisha, for taking sincere effort in preparing and hosting the website containing all information. I am also thankful to Dr. Umakant Satapatahy, Associate Professor, Medical Physiology, for nicely designing a web site and expect that the website will be regularly updated and timely maintained. I also express my heartiest thanks to all the staff of DMET, Odisha and the NIC, for their help and support in hosting the website.

Smt Anu Garg,
Ex Commissioner cum Secretary to Govt.
Health & FW Deptt., Odisha